April Meeting
 Saturday 4/15 @ Rut-Roh's Saloon in Fayette

​Roadside Cleanup 4/15 @ 8 AM. Meet in Calamine.
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The Tri-County ATV Club was formed in 1988 and currently has over 200 members. The club maintains over 250 miles of trail that routes throughout Lafayette, Green, and Iowa counties. The club sponsors functions such as safety courses and various fundraisers. The members also volunteer at numerous county functions including the Lafayette County Fair, Lafayette County Dairy Breakfast, and Iowa County Dairy Breakfast. Please support your local club and we hope you will support and enjoy our trail area trail system. ​

New :     Our next meeting will be Saturday,  April 15th at Rut-Roh's Saloon in Fayette.       The meeting will start at 2:00 PM.    Roadside cleanup at 8 AM on 4/15.  Meet in Calamine.



The Cheese Country Trail is CLOSED  to Snowmobiles ATVs and UTVs at this time.    Think Spring!

Please be safe when riding and respectful of the trails!

Please see our Trail Update and Map page for map options.

​​Maps are also available from sponsors along the trail.

Current Trail Conditions

Speed Limit Reminder for Trail Riders:

30 mph on Cheese Country ATV Trail
15 mph on bridges
10 mph when approaching towns, or where otherwise posted
Please obey these speed limits! Thank you.

The Cheese Country Trail is CLOSED to Snowmobiles ATVs and UTVs at this time.

Please be safe when riding and respectful of the trails!


Family Membership:  $30


Business Level 1:  $65


Business Level 2:  $200


All fees are annual.