September,  2023

Upcoming Events

The winner of our UTV raffle was Erin Wersal of Mineral Point, WI!

Full List of Gift Cert Winners:

Kaleb Phillips, Kolten Westemeier, Sandy Doeseckle, Lynn McKee, Jessica Kohn, Tim Bennett, Linda Devoe, Rich Miller, Shelly Webster, Val Leifker, Jean North, Wade Werren, RJ Paulson, Cate Margan, Peter Jay Parkinson, Dean Wagner, Chad Hutchinson, Dan Byrne, Diane Hinkel, Jeff Doyle, Matt Schedler, Randy Carpenter, Sandy Zalaznik, Larry Broitzman, Tom Dennis, DeDe Klein, Kevin Gort, Mary Ellen Jacobson, Moby O’Brien, Doolittles, Chris Roelli, Annie Gough, Candi Fitzsimons, Linda Erickson, Debra Carpenter, John Johnsrud, Roger Roelli, Shawn Johnson, Dave Loken, Angie Gruenfelt, Kevin Winche, Dave Shaw, Deb Luther, Joe Pickett, Erica Lindsay


On behalf of the Tri-County ATV Club, we want to thank everyone that came out yesterday to support the club. We had about 250 machines, 450 people that came and rode on the guided ride.

A huge thank you to Kurt and Tammy Wedig (Tanglewood) and Dan and Becky Carey for all the work you did in preparation of the ride. We appreciate you allowing the riders to enjoy the beauty of your property!

Also, thank you to the club members that set up, prepared the food and worked at this event. It was a great day!